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World population to reach eight billion on Nov. 15: UN
The world's population is expected to reach eight billion on November 15, the UN forecast Monday in a report that said India will surpass China as the most populous country on earth in 2023.
China 2020 census shows slowest population growth in decades
China's population growth in the decade to 2020 slumped to the least in official records dating back to the 1950s, fueling pressure on Beijing to ramp up incentives to couples to have more children and avert an irreversible decline.
UN: Half Palestinian population need humanitarian help
The UN said in a report that Palestinian socioeconomic development suffered one of its worst years since 1994.
Land subsidence 'will affect almost fifth of global population'
Subsidence, or the gradual sinking of land, could affect 19% of the world’s population by 2040, according to new research funded by UNESCO.
Majority of EU population feel good about bloc, study finds
More people hold a favorable view of the European Union than not in every member state surveyed in a new Pew Research Center poll, while positive opinions in Britain — which left the bloc in January — are the highest on record.
Less than 10 percent of US adult population developed COVID-19 antibodies by July
A large study of people receiving dialysis in the US reveals that less than 10 percent of the adult population had formed antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 by July 2020.
Obesity, ageing population behind high COVID-19 fatality rate in Punjab, India
Large number of people suffering from noncommunicable diseases, obesity and increasing elderly population are the main reasons behind the high COVID-19 fatality rate in Punjab, India, experts maintained.
World population in 2100 could be two billion below UN projections
The Earth will be home to 8.8 billion souls in 2100, two billion fewer than current UN projections, according to a major study published Wednesday that foresees new global power alignments shaped by declining fertility rates and greying populations.
Merkel: Most people will get coronavirus
Up to 70% of the population is likely to be infected with the coronavirus that is currently spreading around the world, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, adding that since there was currently no cure the focus had to be on slowing its spread.
Chinese province: Just 17 of our 80m people now live in poverty
A Chinese province has said just 17 people, out of its population of more than 80 million, are living in poverty.
Australia's only disease-free koala population halved by bush fires on Kangaroo Island
At least half of Australia's only disease-free koala population, a key "insurance" for the species' future, is feared dead, with more badly hurt after bush fires swept through an island sanctuary, rescuers said on Sunday.
Decline of bird population first warning of 'breakdown'
A decline in bird populations in an area is the first indication that something is amiss, according to an expert from a wildlife organization.

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