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Pilots in Los Angeles warned after possible sighting of man wearing jetpack
Pilots flying in and out of Los Angeles International Airport were given a warning after a possible sighting of a man flying a jetpack in the area.
Millions of holiday plans threatened as Spain warns of possible tourism disruption
Holiday plans for millions of people could be put on hold after suggestions Spain might not be ready for a normal tourism season until the end of summer.
EU denies gas plants a green finance tag, offers possible hydrogen loophole
The European Commission proposed that power plants fuelled by natural gas would not be classed as a sustainable investment in Europe, although plants could possibly gain a green label by burning some hydrogen.
UN rights chief warns of possible war crimes in Nagorno-Karabakh conflict
The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has warned of possible war crimes in the ongoing fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict zone.
Animal tests point to possible path to ultrafast insulin
An experimental ultrafast-acting insulin could work four times quicker than current fast-acting formulas, researchers say.
Italy, UK explore possible COVID-19 link to child inflammatory disease
Italian and British medical experts are investigating a possible link between the coronavirus pandemic and clusters of severe inflammatory disease among infants who are arriving in hospital with high fevers and swollen arteries.
Still possible to help environment amid COVID-19 crisis
Even as millions of people stay at home due to the novel coronavirus, there are still important ways to help protect the environment, according to an environmental NGO.
China urges authorities to prepare for possible locust invasion
China could face a desert locust invasion, a government body warned on Monday, urging local authorities to prepare for the possible arrival of the voracious insects from neighboring Pakistan and India.
Merkel says Brexit deal still possible but we're not there yet
There has been significant movement in negotiations on Britain’s departure from the European Union and a Brexit deal is still possible but that goal has not yet been reached, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday.
Scientists warn world must transform food production or face possible unrest
The world must diversify its food production and consumption, or face damaging supply disruptions that could lead to suffering and social unrest, scientists warned Monday.
Canada says it is close to deal with EU on possible fix to WTO deadlock
Canada and the European Union are close to agreeing on a possible temporary solution to a US block on appeals in disputes at the World Trade Organization (WTO), Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said on Thursday.
Scientists identify another possible threat to orcas
Over the years, scientists have identified dams, pollution and vessel noise as causes of the troubling decline of the Pacific Northwest’s resident killer whales. Now, they may have found a new and more surprising culprit: pink salmon.
Novel technology enables detection of early-stage lung cancer when surgical cure still is possible
Non-small-cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC) is often fatal because most cases are not diagnosed until they are so advanced that surgical intervention is no longer possible.

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