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Peru declares state of emergency on highways as protests continue
Peru declared a one-month state of emergency to allow the armed forces to supervise its highways, as the government of President Pedro Castillo tries to stem nationwide protests over rising fuel and food prices.
Peru president imposes curfew in Lima after protests
Peruvian President Pedro Castillo announced a curfew for Tuesday for the capital Lima and neighboring port city Callao following a demonstration that caused roadblocks and "acts of violence".
Crisis-hit Sri Lanka deploys troops to quell protests
Troops armed with sweeping powers were deployed in Sri Lanka on Saturday with the near-bankrupt country on edge after the president declared a state of emergency to quell escalating protests against him.
Protests rage on against Biden's move to split Afghan funds
Protests against US President Joe Biden’s move to confiscate foreign reserves of Afghanistan and distribute them among the families of 9/11 victims have spread across the crisis-stricken country.
Iran censures Canada’s suppression of peaceful protests
Kazem Gharibabadi, the Judiciary chief’s deputy for international affairs and secretary of Iran’s High Council for Human Rights denounced suppressing peaceful protests in Canada.
Canada’s protests settle down, but could echo in politics
Most of the streets around the Canadian Parliament are quiet now. The Ottawa protesters who vowed never to give up are largely gone, chased away by policemen in riot gear. The relentless blare of truckers’ horns has gone silent.
Canadian PM invokes emergency powers to quell trucker-led protests
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Monday invoked rarely-used emergency powers to bring an end to trucker-led protests against COVID health rules.
Protests against vaccine mandates continue in Canada
Ex-U.S. envoy urges American groups to stop interfering in Canada affairs
Myanmar death toll exceeds 1,500 with nearly 8,800 in custody: UN
At least 1,500 people are known to have been killed in year-long protests against the coup in Myanmar, with thousands more possibly killed in the armed conflict, the United Nations Human Rights Office said on Tuesday.
Kazakhstan says 164 killed in week of protests
Kazakhstan's Health Ministry said Sunday that 164 people had been killed in protests that rocked the country over the past week.
Sudan forces tear-gas anti-coup protesters
Security forces fired tear gas Sunday as thousands rallied in Sudan's capital Khartoum and a neighbouring city, witnesses said, keeping up pressure on the military following a coup 11 weeks ago.
Protests against COVID rules, lockdowns continue across Europe
Protests against fresh COVID-19 restrictions rocked Europe over the weekend, with demonstrations breaking out in places such as Brussels, Vienna, Rome and Amsterdam.
Rittenhouse acquittal sparks debate over racial justice, protests in US
The acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenager who fatally shot two protesters and injured another last year, touched off new conversations about racial justice, vigilantism and policing in America and sparked protests in several cities across the country.
Sudanese call for anti-coup protests as death toll rises to 40
Sudanese anti-coup activists called for mass protests on Sunday, as medics said the number of people killed since last month's military takeover had risen to at least 40.

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