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Study provides valuable insights on effects of APOE gene on health and disease
From Alzheimer's to obesity, life can change dramatically if you discover you have a genetic risk of disease.
Study provides hope for young women after heart attack
Premenopausal women have good long-term outcomes after a heart attack, according to late breaking research presented at European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress 2020.
CBI: Iran provides cash handouts to nearly 17 million households
The Iranian government has provided 17 million families in the country with cash handouts as part of measures to ease the economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.
Study provides insights on evaluating hypertension in children
Results from a new study provide insights on evaluating high blood pressure in children.
A 46,000-year-old bird carcass provides clues to evolution
The carcass of a bird that flew 46,000 years ago was discovered in Siberia and determined to be an ancient horned lark. The bird — exceptionally preserved in the permafrost in the Belaya Gora area of northeastern Siberia — is helping scientists understand the evolution of larks, which can help determine past climate events. The discovery, reported earlier by CNN, was published in an article in the Communications Biology journal.
Australia's 'black summer' provides glimmer of hope for climate policy action
Australia’s deadly wildfires have opened up a small window of opportunity for the country to break a decade-long impasse on climate policy, as some politicians and big business push for major change.
Study provides insights on treatment and prognosis of male breast cancer
A recent analysis reveals that treatment of male breast cancer has evolved over the years. In addition, certain patient-, tumor-, and treatment-related factors are linked with better survival. The findings are published in CANCER, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society.
WHO provides lifesaving health care services to displaced population
To increase access and strengthen the capacity of emergency lifesaving health care services focusing on outbreak response for epidemic-prone and vaccine-preventable diseases, World Health Organization (WHO) has been procuring, storing and distributing medical emergency kits to support humanitarian response in South Sudan.
Jurassic fossil tail provides missing link in ancient crocodile family tree
Paleontologists have recovered a Jurassic fossil tail they believe is the missing link between two halves of the ancient crocodile family.
Israel provides US with information on Syria attack
The Zionist regime of Israel has provided the US and its allies with information on their recent aggression on Syria.
Salamander genome provides clues about regenerative abilities
Scientists have for the first time sequenced the entire genome of the Iberian ribbed newt. Their efforts revealed a unique family of genes important to the salamander's impressive regenerative abilities.
IRCS provides training on how to deal with natural disasters
Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) is implementing Khadem Scheme to train all Iranian families on ways to respond to natural disasters, said the deputy head of the society.
Sad music provides pain, pleasure
Sad music can provide enjoyment, comfort or pain to different people, according to new research looking at the effects of melancholy songs on the emotions.

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