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Extremely rare white kangaroo born in US zoo
Visitors to the Animal Adventure Park in New York will soon be able to view one rare animal — a kangaroo with white fur. The zoo revealed that one of their kangaroos had given birth to a joey with all-white fur a post shared on social media.
Rare genetic disease affecting newborns identified by Oman team
Geneticists at the Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) Hospital have succeeded in identifying a rare genetic disease that affects newborns and results in severe weight loss and poor growth, accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea.
Surprise discovery of rare plant at Norfolk 'ghost pond'
A rare plant has reappeared after more than a century in hiding.
Rare rufous bush chat in UK for first time in 40 years
Birdwatchers have descended on a salt marsh to see a bird not seen in Britain for 40 years.
Rare 203-year-old coin found in New Zealand
A metal detecting hobbyist has unearthed a 203-year-old coin in central Auckland, New Zealand.
Yellow turtle, white snake and other rare animals that have gone viral
The animal kingdom is so diverse that one can't hope to see all the species that exist on our planet's land and deep oceans.
Rare archeological find from Avar period unearthed in Croatia
A rare find of remains of an Avar warrior and a belt set that can be dated to the turn of the 7th to the 8th century, has been found at the Vinkovci Cemetery in Slavonia, by archeologists, the city museum in that eastern Croatian town confirmed.
Animal lovers chasing glimpse of rare species fuel tourism boom but can create headaches
Discoveries of rare and endangered animals in Australia's remote deserts have prompted mini tourism booms, but they are also causing some headaches for local aboriginal rangers and their conservation efforts.
Are rare earth minerals China's trump card in its trade war with US?
China has been signaling that it may restrict the export of rare earth minerals to the US as the trade conflict between the two countries escalates.
Rare fish washes up on California beach
A rare fish thought to live in the southern hemisphere washed up in Santa Barbara, California, the US.
Rare insight into world's most trafficked mammal
The secret life of the world's most trafficked mammal, the pangolin, has been caught on camera in Africa.
Study: Rare Neanderthal DNA fragments give some people differently shaped brains
Interbreeding with Neanderthals thousands of years ago has given some humans alive today more elongated brains, according to a new study.
Public appeal after rare inmate escape China
In China, prison escapes are few and far between. So the case of two men escaping from a Liaoning prison has turned into a nationwide hunt.
Dozens of rare Hermann's tortoises stolen in Corsica
A turtle conservation park on the French island of Corsica is asking the public for help after 56 rare Hermann's tortoises, considered a nearly threatened species, were stolen from the site.
Rare element to provide better material for high-speed electronics
Purdue researchers have discovered a new two-dimensional material, derived from the rare element tellurium, to make transistors that carry a current better throughout a computer chip.

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