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Common brain malformation traced to its genetic roots
About one in 100 children has a common brain disorder called Chiari 1 malformation, but most of the time such children grow up normally and no one suspects a problem. But in about one in 10 of those children, the condition causes headaches, neck pain, hearing, vision and balance disturbances, or other neurological symptoms.
Americans flock to find roots under Christmas tree
This Christmas, many Americans will find the gifts under their tree may lead to a long-lost relative or a map of ancestral migrations.
Study examines ancient roots of team sports
In a new study, anthropologists argue team sports encouraged evolutionarily advantageous traits among early hunter-gatherers.
Roots of modern virus can be traced to the earliest vertebrates
Most modern viruses have ancient roots. New research suggested RNA viruses are millions of years old, many tracing their evolutionary histories back to the earliest vertebrates. Some viruses may be as old as the first animals.
The G20 needs to go back to its roots
When the finance ministers of the G7 countries proposed the G20 in the late 1990s, a good sense of realism prevailed. They recognized that addressing issues of global finance required the political support from — and involvement of — emerging market economies.
Roots of ISIL brutality
The brutality of ISIL terrorist group is growing dreadfully without any end to its cruelty in sight.

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