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China steps up efforts to safeguard historical, cultural heritage
China will further step up efforts to safeguard and transmit historical and cultural heritage as part of ongoing urban and rural development strategies.
China drafts law to combat illegal fishing, safeguard stocks
China has invited public responses to a draft law to prevent illegal fishing and depletion of coastal fish stocks, as current legislation is inadequate for sustainable development of the industry, the agriculture ministry said on Wednesday.
Europe looks serious to keep Iran Deal: Iran deputy FM
It seems that the European Union and the three European signatories of Iran nuclear deal are determined to safeguard the deal, the deputy foreign minister of Iran told
Norway supports EU efforts to safeguard Iran nuclear deal
The Norwegian Foreign Ministry says Oslo supports efforts by the European Union to safeguard the Iran nuclear deal, amid the bloc's promises that it will protect the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) following the US withdrawal from it.
South Korea to levy retaliatory tariffs on US imports against safeguard
South Korea will seek to impose retaliatory tariffs on imported goods from the US in response to its safeguard duties on Korean washers and solar products, the trade ministry said.
Ties with Afghanistan safeguard Iran’s security, interests
Iran’s foreign minister said relations with the Afghan government will preserve security and interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Iranian drones to safeguard safety of Arbaeen pilgrims
Commander of Army Ground Force Brigadier General Ahmad-Reza Pourdastan said the drones and aerial surveillance would safeguard the security for Arbaeen pilgrims.

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