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English schoolgirl named Child of Courage for saving mom's life
A quick-thinking schoolgirl who saved her mom's life in England has been named a Child of Courage in a prestigious award ceremony.
Iran saves $220m using indigenous parts in home appliances
Domestic production of equipment and parts used in the home appliance industry saved Iran $220 million, the secretary of the Association of Industries of Household Appliances of Iran (AIHAI) said on Monday.
Saving forests to fight climate change will cost $393 billion annually
Limiting global warming to 1.5°C over preindustrial levels is only possible if we make better use of the world’s forests, which collectively act as a huge carbon sink. But maximizing the strength of this carbon sink won’t be cheap: It might cost in the region of $393 billion per year.
UNESCO calls for saving Beirut's cultural heritage
UNESCO urged the international community to support efforts to save the cultural heritage of Lebanon's capital Beirut, after the two devastating explosions on August 4.
Saving the snow leopard
Big cats are elusive, but the snow leopard especially so. Locals living alongside the leopards often refer to them as the ‘ghosts of the mountains’ as they are hardly ever seen.
Saving environment with circular fashion
The fashion industry’s desire to be on-trend drives its business operations by reducing collection periods and accelerating inventory turns. But high levels of consumption also mean a high level of waste. The younger generation is now demanding that companies work towards ethical practices, sustainable products and a transparent value chain.
Japan calls for saving Iran nuclear deal
Japanese prime minister on Thursday called for saving Iranian nuclear deal, reached between Iran and G5+1 (US, UK, France, Russia, China plus Germany) in 2015.
New hope in saving kids from blood infection sepsis
In 2012, Rory Staunton, a 12-year-old living in New York City, became ill after an innocuous scrape to his arm during basketball practice.
Senior MP: Saving JCPOA big test for Europe
Saving Iran nuclear deal is a serious test for the European signatories of the 2015 agreement reached between Iran and P5+1 group of countries, a senior Iranian lawmaker said.
US states want to give gentle push on retirement saving
How to get people to save for retirement? There are two schools of thought: cajole and educate, or give people a little push in the right direction.
Baby Lynlee 'born twice' after life-saving tumor surgery
A baby girl from Lewisville, Texas, has been 'born' twice after she was taken out of her mother's womb for 20 minutes for life-saving surgery.
Saving lives through real-time flood forecasting
In October 2013, Austin, Texas experienced record levels of flooding. The historic Onion Creek Halloween floods caused several deaths, devastated hundreds of homes, and nearly $30 million in damage. Because of the slow response time, Austin's first responder community was heavily criticized, but issues in flood prediction systems may have been to blame.

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