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Surfer escapes shark attack in South Australia
A surfer has managed to escape a shark attack on the coast of South Australia.
Australian diver fights off 8ft hammerhead shark with camera stick
A diver fought off an 8-foot hammerhead shark with his camera stick while spearfishing off the coast of Australia.
Huge size of extinct megalodon shark was ‘off the charts’: Study
It is the shark that makes the great white in Jaws look like small fry.
Fossil upends theory of how shark skeletons evolved, say scientists
The partial skull of an armored fish that swam in the oceans over 400 million years ago could turn the evolutionary history of sharks on its head, researchers have said.
Hero husband saves wife from shark by repeatedly punching it
A man leapt from his surfboard on to a shark that was attacking his wife, repeatedly punching the animal until it let go, Australian media reported.
Florida man once bitten by alligator is chomped by eight-foot shark while on vacation
Justin Stuller was looking forward to relaxing in the Florida Keys, the US — swimming, fishing and lobstering with his wife and kids, extended family and friends.
Bird plucks ‘shark’ out of ocean and flies around with it
An incredible footage showed a giant bird soaring over a beach with a giant fish in its talons.
Sharp increase in Ningaloo whale shark injuries
Almost one-fifth of the whale sharks (Rhincodon typus) in Western Australia's Ningaloo Reef Marine Park show major scarring or fin amputations, with the number of injured animals increasing in recent years, new research revealed.
Research shows dramatic impact of Australian shark culls
Australian researchers believe they have detected a dramatic decline in shark numbers over the last half century, findings that could challenge the use of culls as a way of responding to attacks.
Researchers tag third great white shark during Nova Scotia expedition
Researchers looking for a possible great white shark mating site off Nova Scotia, Canada, are having a successful expedition so far, after tagging their third mature male great white shark.
Research reveals secret to whale shark hotspots
A study has uncovered the secret to why endangered whale sharks gather on mass at just a handful of locations around the world.
Australia’s ancient language shaped by sharks
The tiger shark was having a really bad day.
Shark scavenging analysis aids the study of human remains
New research into the scavenging behavior of sharks is helping forensic scientists analyze human remains.
400-year-old Greenland shark ‘longest-living vertebrate’
Greenland sharks are now the longest-living vertebrates known on Earth, scientists say.

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