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Sharks can help marine ecosystems survive effects of climate change, study finds
When a major hurricane, extreme heat or other climate threat devastates an ocean’s lifeblood, its recovery could be aided by the presence of sharks.
Scientists develop new, minimally invasive way to uncover more about what sharks eat
As it turns out, poop can tell you a lot about a shark's diet.
Study reveals sharks’ surprising social networks
Sharks have more complex social lives than previously known, as shown by a study finding that gray reef sharks in the Pacific Ocean cultivate surprising social networks with one another and develop bonds that can endure for years.
How sharks glow to each other deep in the ocean
Let us dive into the sea, beyond the colorful world of the Sun. About 1,000 to 2,000 feet down, we’ll arrive at a place where only blue beams in sunlight can penetrate.
World's strangest sharks, rays 'on brink of extinction'
Some of the world's most unusual sharks and rays are on the brink of extinction because of threats such as commercial fishing, scientists said.
Swimmer killed by stingray, two mauled by sharks in Australia
A swimmer died after a rare suspected stingray attack off an Australian beach while another two people were mauled in separate shark encounters this weekend.
Australia kills four sharks after tourist attacks
Four large sharks were killed in Australia after a woman and a 12-year-old girl were attacked at a popular Great Barrier Reef tourist spot.
Sharks, humans shared common ancestor 440 million years ago
A basking shark-like fish — only the size of a sardine — is helping paleontologists better understand the earliest branches of the vertebrate family tree.
Basking sharks head south during winter
New tracking data shows basking sharks head south during the winter.
Great white sharks, tuna share super predator genes
A high metabolism and an impressive swimming pace are two reasons why tuna and great white sharks are such effective predators. New research suggests the two super-predator traits shared by the fish are derived from a similar set of genes.
Hurricanes beats Sharks; Lions ends Crusaders Super Rugby title bid
New Zealand's Wellington Hurricanes is one game from hosting this year's Super Rugby final, with defending champion Otago Highlanders away to South Africa's Golden Lions in next week's semifinals.
Sharks stuns Pens, keeps series alive as Jones shines
The San Jose Sharks used a first period scoring frenzy to claim a 4-2 win and keep the Pittsburgh Penguins from clinching the Stanley Cup on Thursday to send the series back to the West Coast for Game Six.
Sharks have personality traits
Some sharks are “gregarious” and have strong social connections, while others are more solitary and prefer to remain inconspicuous, according to a new study which is the first to show that the notorious predators have personality traits.

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