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Ancient bone sheds light on Slav alphabet history
An inscribed cow bone dating back to the seventh century proves that Germanic runes were the oldest script ever used by the ancient Slavs, Czech scientists said.
Study sheds light on high burden of late effects among young survivors of acute myeloid leukemia
Adolescent and young adult (AYA) patients treated for acute myeloid leukemia (AML) have a high risk of developing several long-term health complications, a study led by UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers has found, reported.
DNA from 200-year-old pipe sheds light on life of enslaved African woman
Archaeologists used DNA taken from a broken clay pipe stem found in Maryland, the US, to build a picture of an enslaved woman who died around 200 years ago and had origins in modern-day Sierra Leone.
Moscow metro sheds Soviet look in bold new stations
Moscow's metro system is famed for its Stalin-era stations with glittering chandeliers and mosaics, but architects are taking a radical new approach as the network undergoes a massive expansion.
Study sheds new light on emergence of early animal life 540m years ago
All the major groups of animals appear in the fossil record for the first time around 540-500 million years ago — an event known as the Cambrian Explosion — but new research from the University of Oxford in collaboration with the University of Lausanne suggested that for most animals this 'explosion' was in fact a more gradual process.
'Made in China' label sheds light on old Java Sea shipwreck
A fresh examination of Chinese ceramics and other cargo from an important Java Sea shipwreck has led researchers to conclude that the vessel sank a century earlier than previously thought, providing insight into Asia’s maritime trade more than 800 years ago.
What are memories made of? New study sheds light on key protein
Ask a nonscientist what memories are made of and you'll likely conjure images of childhood birthday parties or wedding days. Charles Hoeffer thinks about proteins.
Study sheds new light on ecology of the dodo
Researchers in a new study at the Natural History Museum in London were able to map out the long-extinct dodo's reproductive and growth cycle, shedding light on its ecology.
Fossil sheds light on bird evolution after asteroid strike
The fossil of a tiny bird that lived 62 million years ago confirms that birds evolved very rapidly after the asteroid strike that wiped out the dinosaurs.
Fossil sheds light on 'Jurassic Park' dinosaurs
The fossil of a dinosaur that has been languishing in a museum for decades has been re-examined — and it turns out to be that of a new species.

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