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Iran, Russia reach initial agreement for joint ship production
Iran and Russia reached an initial agreement for launching a joint shipbuilding venture in the Caspian Sea region.
South Korea military deploys trucks to ship containers amid strike
South Korea military is operating some 100 cargo trucks consigned by the Ministry of Transport to ship containers in and out of major ports including Busan to respond to a nationwide trucker strike that began on June 7, the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries said on Monday.
Iran to launch first cruise ship in port of Bushehr
A first cruise liner sailing under Iranian flag is set to launch in the very near future with routes that cover major ports in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman.
Medieval cargo ship unexpectedly found during construction work in Estonia
Construction workers found the battered remains of a 700-year-old ship under the streets of the Estonian capital of Tallinn.
First fuel ship allowed in Yemen’s Hodeida as part of truce
A tanker carrying badly needed fuel arrived in Yemen’s blockaded port of Hodeida on Sunday, as a cease-fire meant to stop the fighting in the war-torn country for two months entered its first full day.
Yemen’s Ansarullah rejects UN call to free UAE-flagged ship, accuses it of siding with ‘murderers’
Yemen’s Ansarullah movement rejected a UN request to release an Emirati-flagged vessel they seized earlier this month, saying the ship was carrying military assets.
Seizure of UAE vessel sent chill down aggressors’ spine: Yemen
The spokesman for Yemen’s popular Ansarullah resistance movement praised Yemeni naval forces for seizing a United Arab Emirates-flagged cargo vessel as it was engaged in “hostile acts,” stating that the incident took the Saudi regime and its allies by surprise and caused an intense feeling of fear in them.
Iran seizes foreign ship smuggling diesel in Persian Gulf
Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) on Saturday seized a foreign ship in Persian Gulf waters for smuggling diesel, according to a Navy Guards commander.
Sea freight sector grapples with shortage of container ships
Global sea freight was severely disrupted by the COVID crisis but is now recovering and prompting a boom new container ship orders as the industry grapples with a shortage of vessels.
Iran dismisses reports of maritime incidents as West’s psywar for new adventurism
The Iranian Armed Forces denounced contradictory reports of maritime incidents and hijacking in the Sea of Oman as a Western “psychological warfare” meant to set the ground for new adventurism.
Iranian ship grounds off Russian port
An Iranian cargo ship stranded near the Russian port of Astrakhan off the Caspian Sea coast.
Two dead as ship operated by Israeli billionaire’s company attacked off Oman
A company run by an Israeli businessman said one of the vessels it manages has been targeted in a “suspected piracy incident” off the coast of Oman, which has resulted in the deaths of two crew members.
UN says Sri Lanka ship fire causes significant damage to planet
The UN representative in Sri Lanka said the sinking of a container ship that caught fire while transporting chemicals off the capital Colombo has caused “a significant damage to the planet” by releasing hazardous substances into the ecosystem.
Iranian Navy ship sinks after fire in Gulf of Oman
One of Iran's largest naval ships sank Wednesday after catching fire off a strategic port in the Gulf of Oman, the navy said.

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