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Iran-China deal sign of US strategic failure in region: Ex-Pakistani Army chief
The signing of a comprehensive partnership document by Tehran and Beijing is indicative of the strategic failure of Washington and future plans by US President Joe Biden’s administration for the region, said the former Pakistani Army chief.
A seemingly 'lack of empathy' can be a sign of Autism
Autism is considered a developmental health concern, affecting social interaction in varying degrees. Appearing to have a "lack of empathy" — the ability to understand and share the feelings of another — could be a sign you have autism.
Tenesmus a major warning sign of bowel cancer
Bowel cancer symptoms and signs are in general nonspecific and unfortunately, the majority of patients with bowel cancer are diagnosed because they have symptoms or signs which can often mean the disease has progressed. The most common presenting symptom of bowel cancer is vague abdominal pain. In the rectum, patients most frequently complain of blood in the stools.
Sweating for no reason? Lesser-known warning sign of heart attack
Heart attacks happen when an artery supplying your heart with blood and oxygen becomes blocked, usually by a blood clot. The most common underlying cause of blood clots is coronary heart disease (CHD), a process whereby coronary arteries (the major blood vessels that supply the heart with blood) become clogged with deposits of cholesterol. Experiencing sweating with no valid reason could mean you may be in danger.
Rouhani: Uninterrupted supply of basic goods most important sign of sanctions failure
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani described Iran’s ability to supply the basic goods and raw materials needed in the country despite the restrictions as the most important sign of the failure of sanctions.
High blood pressure symptoms: The sign in your breath to watch out for
High blood pressure is often branded the "silent killer" because its harmful effects creep up unannounced. Occasionally, a person with high blood pressure can experience symptoms, however here is a sign associated with breathing.
The mood changes that could be an early sign of Alzheimer’s
Dementia is the name given to a group of symptoms linked to an ongoing decline in brain function. You could be at risk of the neurodegenerative condition if you develop unexplained mood swings.
The sign in your fingernails you could lack vitamin B12
A vitamin B12 deficiency may take years to become apparent. Symptoms tend to appear when the body's stores of vitamin B12 begin to run out. What's the sign in your nails to look out for?
Sudan's opposition, military council sign accord on transitional gov’t
Sudan’s main opposition coalition and the ruling military council on Saturday signed a final agreement for a transitional government.
Iranian, Dutch festivals sign MoU on cultural cooperation
Iran’s Shahr (Urban) International Film Festival and the Netherlands’ Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR) signed an MoU on cultural cooperation.
The sign in your hands could mean you have 'silent' hyigh blood pressure
Having a feeling of numb hands could mean that you might be at risk of having high blood pressure.
Major sign in your breath could mean you have high blood pressure
High blood pressure is a serious condition that can affect anyone.
Iran-Pakistan likely to sign FTA draft this month
A Pakistan English news daily reported that Iran and Pakistan are likely to finalise the draft for Free Trade Agreement (FTA) during the two-day talks on April 22-23 to be held in Islamabad.

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