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Skills shortage stopping many Asian companies from embracing AI
Artificial intelligence (AI) is predicted to speed up innovation in Asia Pacific over the next few years but less than half of the companies today are using the technology, according to a report from Microsoftand International Data Corporation.
Which skills will help patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder?
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a complex psychological condition, and those who suffer from it experience severe reduction in their quality of life.
Study: How your brain helps you learn new skills
Even if you haven't ridden your bike in years, you probably remember how to do so without giving it much thought.
Children 'need to play more to gain work skills'
Children will lack the work skills they need in the future because they are not spending enough time playing, a Lego executive has warned.
Deep sleep reinforces learning of motor skills
The benefits of a good night's sleep have become widely known, and now neuroscientists at University of California (UC) San Francisco have discovered that the animal brain reinforces motor skills during deep sleep.
Martial skills fetch Iran four Taolu World Cup medals
Iran's men and women wushu practitioners ended their campaign at the first Taolu World Cup in China collecting four medals.
Lankan youth learn new skills to bridge digital divide
Wajira’s early life was bleak and dark, struck by extreme poverty. The 21-year-old and his family come from a rural village in Dambulla in Sri Lanka where they experienced deprivation and constant hunger.
Why are we so complacent about skills for future?
Making predictions can be a fool’s game. We don’t know what’s going to happen next week, let alone what our world will look like in five years, or 50.
Obama seeking to promote computer science skills
US President Barack Obama said he will ask Congress for billions of dollars to help students learn computer science skills and prepare for jobs in a changing economy.
Half of children leave school without basic movement skills
Nearly half of primary school pupils are leaving school without “basic movement skills” to engage in physical activity, teachers have claimed in a new survey.
Texting Jargon is harming Persian language, writing skills
Experts fear that the jargon of text messages has spawned a new online language and culture which is undermining the Persian language and writing skills.
Benefits of building baby's language skills early revealed
Training infants to identify sounds linked with language before they're old enough to speak hastens language-associated brain development, a new study suggests.

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