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Sleep studies in children with sleep disordered breathing could influence treatment
A new study recommends healthy children with symptoms of sleep disordered breathing, such as snoring or temporary cessation of breathing, should consider undergoing a sleep study (polysomnography) and should discuss the potential benefits of this with their pediatrician or otolaryngologist to possibly manage the child’s symptoms medically and before surgery.
Sleep is irreplaceable for recovery of brain
Sleep is ubiquitous in animals and humans and vital for healthy functioning. Thus, sleep after training improves performance on various tasks in comparison to equal periods of active wakefulness. However, it has been unclear so far whether this is due to an active refinement of neural connections or merely due to the absence of novel input during sleep.
Sleep disturbances in elderly linked to multiple chronic diseases: Study
Researchers recently have observed that sleep disturbances are associated with faster chronic disease accumulation which points towards the importance of early detection and treatment of sleep disturbances as a possible strategy to reduce chronic multimorbidity among older adults.
Scientists identify signals of fading consciousness during anesthesia, sleep
What happens inside the human brain when consciousness fades away during anesthesia and normal sleep? Scientists have long estimated that the answer to such a question might provide clues to the neurological origins of consciousness.
Mom discovers daughter, eight, sleeps in a shower cap to not waste time in the morning
A mom has revealed her savvy eight-year-old daughter sleeps in a shower cap so she doesn’t waste time in the morning getting ready.
If you do not snooze you lose: Sleep seen as essential for the brain
Scientists are providing a fuller understanding of the essential role that sleep plays in brain health, identifying an abrupt transition at about 2.4 years of age when its primary purpose shifts from brain building to maintenance and repair.
Man stands for six hours on plane so wife can sleep through their flight
A man who stood for the entire length of his flight whilst his wife took up an entire row of seats so she could rest has been criticized on social media.
The 40p capsule that could help you drift off into a peaceful slumber
Nutritional therapist Phoebe Liebling — from Motion Nutrition — recommended one 40p capsule that could help you drift off into sleep as soon as your head rests on the pillow.
Sleep hygiene education can increase sleep quantity, decrease hospital visits
Although more than half of people with type 2 diabetes report poor sleep, sleep hygiene is often missing from diabetes self-management education, according to two speakers at the Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists annual conference.
The terrifying sign in your sleep that can signal LBD
The Alzheimer's Association credits Lewy body dementia (LBD) as the third most common type of the brain disease, accounting for up to 10 percent of cases. One terrifying symptom could occur while you sleep.
California woman hits bear with laptop after being attacked in her sleep
A Southern California teen had a rude awakening when an outdoor nap turned into a bear attack. She survived by fighting the bear off with her only weapon — a laptop.
Five things to boost your immune system during coronavirus pandemic
Coronavirus invades the body and disturbs the respiratory system. Support your immune system, so if you do catch it you have the best chances of a smooth recovery.
Artificial brains may need sleep too
No one can say whether androids will dream of electric sheep, but they will almost certainly need periods of rest that offer benefits similar to those that sleep provides to living brains, according to new research from Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Five ways you can sleep better during season
Hay fever can cause disruption to sleep for many people. Hay fever sufferers can be kept awake by breathing difficulties, sneezing, nose blowing, which can result in significant daytime sleepiness and fatigue. Bed experts Dreams have revealed five top tips to help you sleep better during allergy season.
Scientists can see how the brain records our memories as we sleep
Scientists have long known our brains need sleep to review the day's events and transfer them into longer-term memories. Students are often told to study just before turning in to maximize their recall of material for a test the next day.

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