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Australian family finds one of world's most venomous snakes swimming in their pool
A family in Australia received an unpleasant surprise on spotting one of the world's deadliest snakes in their swimming pool. The eastern brown snake was found taking a dip to cool down in the suburb of Marino in Adelaide.
No snake soup for Hong Kong’s young snake catcher
Hong Kong is home to a variety of snakes — from the venomous king cobra to larger species such as the Burmese python. Whenever one of these reptiles is spotted slithering into a home or coming alarmingly close to a residential area, Ken Lee is among the snake catchers called to capture the creatures.
Is that a 50-foot anaconda? Here's the truth behind viral snake video
A video going viral on Twitter claims to show a 50-foot anaconda crossing a river in Brazil — but is it real? The video in question is not a new one — it has cropped up on social media time and again since it first surfaced online in 2018.
This blue snake is as dangerous as it is beautiful
There aren't many blue snakes in the world, and their rare coloring makes them objects of fascination. One such snake — a blue pit viper — currently has social media's attention. A video of the bright blue snake has gone viral on social media, with thousands of people commenting on its beauty. The blue snake, sitting on a red rose, makes for a striking image in this video which surfaced online recently.
Russian doctors pull 4-ft snake from woman’s throat after it slithered in as she slept
This is the shocking moment a four-foot-long snake is removed from a woman’s mouth.
Doctor's research could buy time for snake bite victims
A researcher at the University of Arizona is experimenting with a new therapy to help treat rattlesnake bites.
This sea snake looks like a banana, hunts like a slinky
With its bright hue, this snake was bound to stand out sooner or later.
Snakes hunt in packs, study finds
It's rare for animals to engage in what's called ‘coordinated hunting’ — but that's exactly what Cuban boa snakes do, according to new research published in the journal Animal Behavior and Cognition.
Snake venom could relieve pain
A snake with the largest venom glands in the world could hold the answer to pain relief, scientists have found.
Four-legged snake ancestor 'dug burrows'
A 113-million-year-old fossil from Brazil is the first four-legged snake that scientists have ever seen.
Live snake is pulled out of a car engine
This is the amazing moment that a live snake was pulled from the engine of a car.
Paul Rosolie wasn't swallowed by snake
Wildlife expert Paul Rosolie has admitted that promotion for his TV show Eaten Alive — in which he attempts to be swallowed by a giant anaconda — is 'misleading' to viewers.

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