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Iran's first snow park opens in Kish Island
The Penguin Recreation Complex, including Iran's first snow park and other recreational and tourism facilities, was inaugurated with an order by President Hassan Rouhani by private sector in the Kish Free Zone of the Persian Gulf.
Sweden's rooftop snow clearers brave vertigo in white winter
With regular snowfalls in recent weeks, rooftop birds in Sweden's capital have ceded their perches to an army of "sweepers" clearing the roofs of snow in the name of safety.
Snow increases hardship for migrants in Bosnia
The first snowfall last week in northwestern Bosnia and Herzegovina has increased the difficulties for migrants, particularly those sleeping in tents and outdoor shelters.
Cloud seeding really works, but only makes enough snow to dust your eyelashes
Our attempts to 'seed' clouds with extra snow or rain may actually be working, a new study suggests, although perhaps not quite as much as some had hoped.
Snow exposes restoration fault at Iranian world heritage site
The dome of a famous mosque in the historic city of Isfahan in central Iran has emerged split-face from a snowfall that many say exposed flawed restoration work at the world heritage site.
Severe weather in Afghanistan, Pakistan leaves 48 dead
Severe winter weather has struck parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan, with heavy snowfall, rains, and flash floods that left at least 48 people dead, officials said Monday as authorities struggled to clear and reopen highways and evacuate people to safer places.
Heavy snow snarls traffic, shuts schools in Iran capital
Heavy snowfall blanketed the streets of north Tehran on Saturday, causing traffic chaos and forcing the closure of schools, authorities in the Iranian capital said.
Saving the snow leopard
Big cats are elusive, but the snow leopard especially so. Locals living alongside the leopards often refer to them as the ‘ghosts of the mountains’ as they are hardly ever seen.
A supernova was hiding in Antarctica’s snow
Earth is continuously plowing through extraterrestrial dust. Tens of thousands of tons of the stuff, mostly from asteroids and comets, settles all over the planet every year. We are the shoulder to a universe of dandruff.
'Life-threatening' cold sets in across much of US
Bitter cold is setting in after a major winter storm blanketed a wide swath of the US in snow, sleet and rain this weekend, creating dangerously icy conditions that promise to complicate cleanup efforts and make travel challenging on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
Workers in Alps use break in weather to clear snow
Workers in southern Germany were using a break in the weather to try and clear heavy loads of snow from roofs and roads.
Snow-related accidents across Japan claim at least four lives
As many as four people died in accidents amid heavy snow over the weekend as wide areas of Japan were gripped in frigid weather, police said.
Trudeau retweets video of Eritrean children seeing snow for first time
It's not every day that you get retweeted by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
Snow in the Andes as clean as Canadian Arctic: Study
Snow covering the Andes Mountains is as clean as the Canadian Arctic, scientists said after hundreds of tests to determine the presence of black carbon deposits or other pollutants.

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