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‘Social, political, cultural’ issues second presidential debate’s main focus
The second debate of candidates for the 13th presidential election was held at the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), with a focus on cultural, social, and political issues.
Judiciary not after banning any social media platform: Spokesman
Iran’s Judiciary announced on Tuesday that it is not seeking to ban any social media platform.
Lockdowns have economic and social costs for poor Bangladeshi families
Low socioeconomic families — and particularly women — experienced increased financial hardship, food insecurity, domestic violence and mental health challenges during COVID-19 lockdown measures in Bangladesh, a new research study shows.
Rigid social distancing rules for COVID-19 based on outdated science
Rules which stipulate a single specific physical distance (one or two meters) between individuals to reduce the spread of COVID-19 are based on outdated science and experiences of past viruses, argue researchers in The BMJ today.
Not smoking, keeping an active social life can help you live to be 100 or older
Everyone gets old. It’s an inevitable truth humans have come to terms with. How old you’ll live to, however, is another question. If you’re aiming for the century mark, researchers from the University of Otago in Otago, New Zealand, say they know the secret.
Social media data needed for 'harm' research, say doctors
Leading UK psychiatrists say they will never understand the risks and benefits of social media use on children's mental health unless companies hand over their data to researchers.
Social media use 'disrupting teen sleep and exercise'
Using social media isn't directly harming teenagers — but it can reduce the time they spend on healthy activities, such as sleeping and exercising, a study suggests.
England needs three million new social homes by 2040, says  report
England must launch the biggest council and social house building drive in its history to rescue millions of people from a future in dangerous, overcrowded or unsuitable homes, a cross-party commission told the government.
Young highly skeptical of UK social mobility
Young people in the UK are highly skeptical about advancement being a reality, according to a survey from the relaunched Social Mobility Commission.
Do schools help or hinder social mobility?
Do schools help social mobility and fairness? Or do they give even more advantages to the better-off?
'I hid my baby from social services in case they took it away'
It is every mother's worst nightmare — that someone might take away their baby.

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