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Hollywood stars back Emma Watson after Palestinian solidarity post
Major figures from the world of film, including Susan Sarandon, Mark Ruffalo, Peter Capaldi and Charles Dance issued a statement in support of Emma Watson and Palestinian solidarity.
British Museum to display world’s oldest map of stars
The British Museum will display what it says is the world’s oldest surviving map of the stars in a major upcoming exhibition on the Stonehenge stone circle.
Chinese astronomers discover 591 high-velocity stars
A Chinese research team has discovered 591 high-velocity stars based on data from the Large Sky Area Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopic Telescope (LAMOST) and the European Space Agency's Gaia satellite.
Strange form of life could flourish deep inside of stars, physicists say
When searching for signs of life in the Universe, we tend to look for very specific things, based on what we know: A planet like Earth, in orbit around a star, and at a distance that allows liquid surface water. But there could, conceivably, be other forms of life out there that look like nothing that we have ever imagined before.
Ingredients for life appear well before stars are born, researchers say
A newly published study says that the building blocks for life appear in stellar nurseries — areas in deep space where new stars are formed — well before the stars actually form.
Sun is less active than similar stars, study shows
The Sun appears to be far less active than similar stars in terms of brightness variations caused by sunspots and other phenomena — a “boring” personality, according to scientists, that may not be a bad thing for us Earthlings.
Astronomers spot dozens of stars evicted from their homes
We often think of stars as things that don’t move around much, but in some galaxies, that’s far from a universal truth.
Scientists reveal why supermassive stars live fast, die young
It’s one of the biggest mysteries in astrophysics, but now scientists believe they may have explained why supermassive stars live fast and die young.
A new map for birthplace of stars
A Yale-led research group has created the most detailed maps yet of a vast seedbed of stars similar to Earth's Sun.
Neutron stars shed neutrinos to cool down quickly
For some neutron stars, the quickest way to cool off isn’t with a frosty beverage, but with lightweight, subatomic particles called neutrinos.
Explosive birth of stars swells galactic cores
Astronomers found that active star formation upswells galaxies, like yeast helps bread rise.
Early universe 'fireworks' challenge notions of how stars form
Researchers using the Hubble Space Telescope have discovered an ancient galaxy (formed 2.7 billion years after the Big Bang) with two dozen star nurseries measuring 'just' 200 to 300 light years across. That sounds big, but scientists had expected that early universe star-forming regions had to be enormous, at 3,000 light years across or larger, reported.
Stars learn their fate in French Open
World number one Andy Murray will play Russia's Andrey Kuznetsov in the French Open first round today, while fellow Briton Johanna Konta faces Hsieh Su-wei
Distant galaxy yields evidence of earliest generation of stars
Scientists have been studying interstellar dust in the earliest, most distant galaxy seen by ALMA, gaining new insight into the formation of stars in the early Universe.
Mapping the family tree of stars
Astronomers are borrowing principles applied in biology and archeology to build a family tree of the stars in the galaxy.

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