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'Superfungus' threatens last Panamanian golden frogs
Cocooned from the outside world, some 200 critically endangered golden frogs are living a sheltered existence in Panama, protected from a devastating fungus that threatens to wipe out a third of the country's amphibian species — a situation scientists describe as "critical."
Oil spill threatens ecological disaster as Mauritius declares emergency
Fuel spilling from a Japanese bulk carrier that ran aground on a reef in Mauritius two weeks ago is creating an ecological disaster, endangering corals, fish and other marine life around the Indian Ocean island, officials and environmentalists say.
Climate crisis threatens future of global sport, says report
The rapidly accelerating climate crisis threatens the future of major sports events around the world, according to a report that also said the global sporting industry is failing to tackle its own emissions.
Ecotourism collapse threatens communities and wildlife
From the vast plains of the Masai Mara in Kenya to the delicate corals of the Aldabra Atoll in the Seychelles, conservation work to protect some of the world’s most important ecosystems is facing crisis following a collapse in ecotourism during the COVID-19 pandemic.
France threatens to block Chinese firm's rescue of British Steel
Hopes that British Steel will be saved by Chinese industrial firm Jingye have suffered a blow after the French government said it could intervene to stop the deal.
Amazon 'threatens to fire' climate change activists
A group of Amazon employees has said the company has threatened to fire some of them for speaking out on environmental issues.
US threatens companies working on Russian gas pipeline
Any companies that rush to finish building a Russian natural gas export pipeline to Germany that came under US sanctions this month risk being penalized, senior US officials said on Sunday.
IMF says trade war threatens China’s growth, pushes for equitable resolution
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is urging the world’s two largest economies to resolve the escalating trade war quickly and fairly.
EU threatens duties on €35b in US goods
The EU is ready to hit the US with extra tariffs on goods worth €35 billion if Washington slaps duties on its cars, its trade chief said Tuesday.
Netanyahu threatens Gaza with ‘large-scale military operation’
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has threatened a “large-scale” military offensive against the Gaza Strip.
Ways that fashion threatens the planet
Last week, the UK government rejected recommendations from the Commons Environmental Audit Committee report on the impact of fast fashion – including a 1 pence per garment levy. Ministers also rejected a ban on burying or incinerating clothes that could be recycled. According to the Waste and Resources Action Program (WRAP) UK households sent 300,000 tons of clothing to landfill in 2016, wrote.
Deputy FM: US sanctions policy threatens Middle East security
Washington’s sanctions policy threatens the security of the Middle East, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi said on Monday, according to a statement on the ministry’s website.
Brexit tech investment stall threatens UK talent pool, says TLA
A lack of investment in technology companies as a result of Brexit has damaged London’s reputation in the sector and threatened the UK’s talent pool, according to research by Tech London Advocates (TLA).
Hawkish Israeli PM threatens naval ‘action’ against Iran’s oil exports
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has issued another military threat against Iran, this time saying that the regime’s navy could take action against the Islamic Republic’s oil exports.
Climate change threatens to wipe out meerkats in the next 50 years
The global meerkat population hangs in the balance, with a new scientific model giving them about 50 years before its stares down the gauntlet of extinction.

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