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EU takes Bulgaria, Greece to court over toxic air
The European Commission will take Bulgaria and Greece to the EU Court of Justice after both countries breached air pollution limits for years despite multiple warnings, the commission said.
ECB prepares 'bad bank' plan for wave of coronavirus toxic debt
European Central Bank officials are drawing up a scheme to cope with potentially hundreds of billions of euros of unpaid loans in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, two people familiar with the matter told Reuters.
Toxic air over London falls by 50% at busiest traffic spots
London has had dramatic improvements in its air quality since the coronavirus lockdown, with dangerous emissions at some of the capital’s busiest roads and junctions falling by almost 50 percent.
US Navy SEAL pardoned by Trump described as ‘toxic’ and 'freaking evil' by comrades
A special operations soldier in the US Navy who was accused of war crimes and controversially pardoned by US President Donald Trump has been described as "toxic" and "freaking evil" by fellow troops who fought with him in Iraq, according to US media reports.
Toxic Sydney bushfire haze a 'public health emergency'
Australia's biggest city is facing a "public health emergency" over the bushfire smoke that has choked Sydney for weeks, leading doctors warned on Monday after hospitals reported a dramatic spike in casualty department visits.
Cancer immunotherapy drug 'less toxic and prolongs life'
An immunotherapy drug that could save some cancer patients from the ordeal of extreme chemotherapy may also help them live longer, researchers say.
McDonald's workers sue over sexual harassment, 'toxic' work culture
McDonald’s Corp was sued on Tuesday by workers in the US state of Michigan who accused the American fast-food chain of allowing pervasive sexual harassment to flourish at its restaurants nationwide.
The toxic smog devastating New Delhi
A cloud of toxic smog has forced residents in New Delhi to stay indoors, closed factories and schools, flights diverted and halted building works this week.
Britons, their unborn children at risk due to government inaction over toxic chemicals in everyday use, MPs warn
Ministers are ignoring a ‘cocktail of toxic chemicals’ in furniture, food packaging and children’s prams which could harm the health of Britons, even before they’re born, MPs have warned.
Fukushima grapples with toxic soil that no one wants
Eight years after the disaster, not a single location will take the millions of cubic meters of radioactive soil that remain.
New Delhi half-marathon tries radio waves to beat city's toxic smog
New Delhi's half-marathon race used ultra high frequency (UHF) radio waves to clear the air for the runners on Sunday, an experimental technique the organizers hope could improve the city's notorious air quality.
Toxic 'red tide' algae bloom killing Florida wildlife and menacing tourism
With its long, white, sandy beaches, Sanibel Island off the coast of south-western Florida is usually a perfect place for families to enjoy these last days of summer.
'Slow but sure' progress toward less toxic tools to fight cancer
John Ryan is just one of the miracles to emerge from the Johns Hopkins cancer unit in Baltimore. An immunotherapy treatment — highly effective in a minority of patients — saved his life after a lung cancer diagnosis.
Toxic chemicals turn a new material from porous to protective
A new, breathable material that can also block biological or chemical threats could offer comfortable protection for people working in contaminated environments or dangerous military zones.
Toxic air chokes Pakistan and India
Parts of Pakistan have been enveloped by deadly smog in recent weeks, with the city of Lahore suffering almost as badly as the Indian capital Delhi.

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