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Iran kills drug traffickers, seizes narcotics in southeast
A clash between police force in southeastern Iranian province of Sistan-Baluchestan and an armed gang of drug traffickers resulted in death of four members of the gang and seizure of over two tons of different kinds of drugs.
More than 3,000 Vietnamese fell victim to human traffickers in 2012-17
More than 3,000 people in Vietnam, most of them women and children, were trafficked between 2012 and 2017, many of them into China, the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security said on Friday, as parliament sought to tighten laws to tackle the problem.
Traffickers shoot dead 12 fleeing refugees in Libya: UN
The UN refugee agency (UNHCR) says people smugglers shot dead more than 12 refugees who were attempting to flee a camp in Libya last week.
Traffickers plot to sell Nigerians for sex at Russia's World Cup
Human traffickers are planning to exploit relaxed Russian visa controls for next month’s World Cup to sell Nigerian women into sex work, state officials and anti-slavery activists said.
Bangladesh seeks death sentence for methamphetamine traffickers
Bangladesh wants to punish methamphetamine traffickers with the death penalty, officials say as authorities confront the growing popularity of the dangerous and addictive drug.
Sex traffickers preying on Rohingya children: Report
Sexual predators and human traffickers are flocking to Rohingya refugee camps on the Bangladesh-Myanmar border looking to exploit vulnerable women and children of the suppressed Muslim minority, aide groups warned.
India arrests two key child traffickers in West Bengal
Indian authorities have arrested two key figures in child trafficking business as estimates say more and more kids are sold to foreign couples across the country.
Traffickers abusing refugee children in French camps: UNICEF
Refugee children in notorious French camps have been sexually exploited and forced to commit crimes by traffickers, who promise them passage to the UK, a UNICEF report says.
Sixteen Egyptians, three human traffickers killed in Libya
Sixteen Egyptian nationals have been killed in clashes with people-smuggling gangs in the Libyan city of Bani Walid, a report says.
Young African footballers duped, dumped by traffickers
On the pitches of ramshackle football academies across West Africa, teenage boys chase one another in pursuit of the ball, the chance to impress, and the prospect of a lucrative contract with one of Europe's top teams.
Police seize heroin swallowed by two traffickers in Shiraz
Police commander in charge of campaign against drug trafficking in Fars province Colonel Mohammad Javad Tolaee said on Sunday that two drug traffickers who had swallowed some 560 grams of heroin were arrested.
Report:  93 traffickers arrested in Myanmar
Police in Myanmar have arrested over 90 people in connection with human trafficking this year, media reports said, amid the recent exodus of Rohingya Muslims from the country.
Indonesia confirms execution of drug traffickers
Indonesia has confirmed that nine drug convicts, including eight foreigners, will be executed at a high-security prison in the coming hours.
Authorities: Drug traffickers confess to killing 43 students
Mexican authorities said drug gang members have confessed to killing 43 students from a teachers college in the country's south and described a grisly disposal of the bodies — burning them on a pyre and then pulverizing teeth and bones to prevent the remains from being identified.

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