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We can’t blame a pandemic for regression in workplace gender equality
CX Spotlight is an official supporter of International Women's Day 2021. Here, the conference’s organizer, HubSpot, explains why post-pandemic growth must be approached in an inclusive way.
Europeans return to workplace but reduce leisure activity
European schoolchildren’s return to the classroom has boosted their parents’ office attendance, but leisure activity has begun to fall as fresh coronavirus-related restrictions hold back the economic recovery in the continent’s services sector, data suggest.
Women bear the brunt of virus fallout in workplace
The reverberating economic shock of the coronavirus crisis has delivered a massive setback for women because so many work in the badly exposed services sector, experts say.
Rise in workplace activism expected to hit UK companies
Strikes, whistleblowing, legal challenges and even tweets from employees criticizing their own companies are going to rise, according to a survey of top companies in the UK.
What is workplace burnout and how can it be prevented?
Achieving a sense of balance between work and personal life has now become a challenge and the imbalance somewhere leads to stress for which the mind and body pay the price.
Cost of ignoring mental health in workplace
Mental health is something we all have, just like physical health. And just like physical health, mental health can sit anywhere on a scale from good to bad. It’s a commonly accepted fact that adults spend roughly one-third of their lives at work. That’s a significant amount of time, within which we are likely to experience a spectrum of physical and mental health.
The rise of 'presenteeism' in UK workplace
A study by UK-based health insurer Vitality has found that more than 40 percent of employees said their work was being affected by health problems — a figure that's risen by a third over the last five years.
NASA to review workplace safety culture at SpaceX, Boeing
US space agency NASA said on Tuesday it would review the workplace safety culture at SpaceX and Boeing Co., as the two companies gear up to fly astronauts to the International Space Station.
Robots in workplace 'could create double the jobs they destroy'
The rise of machines, robots and algorithms in the workplace stands to create almost double the number of jobs for the global economy by the middle of the next decade than it puts at risk of being replaced.
Study sheds light on why professional women keep low profile at workplace
Stanford University researchers found that professional women are adopting a less assertive strategy to keep a low visible presence at workplace to avoid conflict or balance work with family responsibilities.
Survey links insomnia to workplace incivility
Workers' difficulty sleeping was linked to rude behavior by others while on the job, including verbal abuse, according to a survey of US Forest Service employees.
China workplace deaths fell to 38,000 in 2017: Report
The number of deaths caused by workplace accidents in China fell 12.1 percent to 38,000 in 2017 compared to the previous year, state media reported, citing figures from the country's safety watchdog.
Schools should teach children resilience to help them in workplace
Schools should teach children resilience through public speaking and sport to help them in the workplace, the new Education Secretary has said.
Use of mobile devices at home can carry conflict to workplace
A University of Texas at Arlington researcher is part of a team of authors who have found that using a mobile device at home for work purposes has negative implications for the employee's work life and also their spouse.
Yoga in the workplace can reduce back pain, sickness absence
By Dr. Ned Hartfiel* & Rhiannon Tudor Edwards *

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