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Mousavian questions lack of concern over growing ISIS atrocities
Mousavian questions lack of concern over growing ISIS atrocities
Political analyst and former spokesman for Iran’s nuclear negotiating team Hossein Mousavian addressing an international conference on balancing counter-terrorism and human rights in Geneva said: “Common citizens are entitled to be provided with a reasonable degree of safety and security.”

“But” he said, “they are also seriously concerned about the actual repercussions of the anti-terrorist policies, measures and actions of the state on their rights and civil liberties, otherwise known under the general rubric of ‘human rights’”.
Mousavian also wondered if the world has heard anything about the human rights of the occupied Kobani people!
Addressing the participants in the International Conference on Balancing Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights: Challenges and Opportunities”, on Monday, Mousavian noted that there is little doubt that states are under the legal obligation to implement the universally-recognized human rights.
Referring to the failure of the US government in encountering the critical test at Guantanamo Bay, the political analyst said the structural-institutional barriers preventing closure of the prison, however, do not absolve the US government of its legal obligation to protect the rights of inmates.
As an example about Iran combating terrorism in 1980s, he pointed to Tehran’s engagement in the Iraqi imposed war when “an armed opposition force – the infamous MKO – took up arms against the Islamic Republic and resorted to an all-out campaign of assassinations.”
Further in his remarks Mousavian referred to the sudden emergence of a military force such as ISIS – the so-called Islamic State – and its striking military advances which he said provides the best example in this regard.
“Have we heard anything about the human rights of the occupied Kobani people or has anybody been in a position to argue about the balance at issue here in this conference while the bloody fight has been going on?
“I’m afraid not, if for no other reason that the primary objective of all the anti-ISIS forces involved, has been to liberate this Kurdish city the soonest possible from the hands of the terrorists.”
He emphasized that all the participants in the conference were fully aware of the political factors that have led to the emergence of the major terrorist organizations in the Middle East in recent decades, starting with the genesis of the Taliban in the wake of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan and the emergence of Al-Qaeda subsequently, the developments in the post 9/11 period and the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, and what has transpired in the aftermath of the failed “Arab Spring” – most vividly in Syria.
“Considering the actual state of regional rivalries among major players in the area, be it Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, or others to lesser degrees, foreign intervention has simply failed to resolve any of these chronic problems. They have instead aggravated and exacerbated the situation.”
The US led coalition fighting ISIS has failed and would continue to fail in the absence of “A Collective Plan of Action” among regional and international powers.
Stressing that striking a balance between the imperative of countering terrorism and respecting and protecting human rights is definitely a legitimate, pertinent question for all, Mousavian said: “While we have to remain principled in our approach to the fundamental issue and cause of human rights, we also have to hold the international community responsible for their conduct and practice, even though one has to admit that holding states as formal entities responsible for their conduct and actions is one thing and dealing with illusive, ghost-like non-entities moving across national frontiers with relative ease and changing color and designation quite a different matter.”
He concluded by saying that the future could be brighter and better as the collectivity of all of us bring ourselves to take a more sober, less impassioned, and strategic look at the difficult situation – and situations – we have to deal with.”

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