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Afghan president stresses importance of joining Iran's railway network
Afghan president stresses importance of joining Iran's railway network
Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani underlined that Afghanistan's Herat Province can become a hub for regional transit via Khaf-Herat and China-Haritan Railways.

According to Fars News Agency, the Afghan president, who was speaking during a visit to Herat Province, noted, "One million tons of cement will be imported to Afghanistan from Iran via Khaf-Herat railroad in the initial stage."

He pointed to the railway network from the Eastern region of Khaf in Iran to western Herat of Afghanistan as well as the China railway to Hairtan port located in the North of the landlocked country, and said, "The region will witness economic boom."

Iran and Afghanistan enjoy lots of historical and cultural commonalities. The two countries have high-level political and economic ties.

Afghanistan has been main export destination for Iranian commodities and products for several years.

In relevant remarks in mid-May, a senior Afghan official declared that Tehran and Kabul have doubled their trade over a three-year period.

"Trade exchanges between Iran and Afghanistan reached $2 billion in the year to March 21, 2017," spokesman for Afghan Ministry of Commerce and Industries Musafer Qoqandi said.

He reiterated that there has been a considerable boost in Tehran-Kabul economic relations over past three years, especially after the nuclear deal between Tehran and major world powers.

"This shows a twofold rise in trade exchanges between the two neighboring nations," Qoqandi added.

He reiterated that Iran and Afghanistan have also expanded relations in other areas in the past three years, and said, "Construction of Khaf-Herat railway project is an example."

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