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Healthcare Startups Deliver Real Value in Iran
Healthcare Startups Deliver Real Value in Iran
There are not so many countries in the world that has a healthcare system like Iran and United States. These countries private sector is bigger than their public government funded healthcare system. That’s why the startups can deliver real value and fundamentally changing the way we understand and utilize our health care.

Healthcare Startups in Iran have a positive future but haven’t been a very competitive sector for the last few years.

Almost all the founders don't come from a healthcare background, which works to the advantage of the industry as they look at healthcare problems with fresh eyes and disadvantage of working their way with the doctors.

Digital healthcare is new in Iran and the current working doctors don’t have the belief and knowledge about this field that’s why an entrepreneur came to our attention that is both computer programmer and a medical doctor.

As strange as it may sound Bijan Zamani, a 29 year old entrepreneur is both a programmer and a physician and has been working on digital healthcare startups for the last 8 years using his online medical care appointment booking and consultant platform called MihanPezeshk. This platform was founded in 2011 is the first of its kind in Iran and provide information and service to more than 30 million Iranians each year.

With Iran largest real-time database of available appointments, MihanPezeshk continues to be the leader of this service and the founder Bijan Zamani was named as top 30 under 30 by IranEntrepreneur in 2018 and he mentioned more investors and companies even from foreign countries should come and invest in this untapped opportunity in Iran.

Recently other rivals have joined the digital healthcare business but with the population of 80 million people in Iran and the need of their healthcare which is mainly in the hand of private sector, digital healthcare should be taken more seriously as it will deliver real and permanent value.


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