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Iran, Turkey sign border agreement
Iran, Turkey sign border agreement
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Iranian and Turkish officials agreed to boost their cooperation to improve  security across the two neighbors’ common border.

On Tuesday, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Colonel Shirzad Hajizadeh, the commander of border forces in Iranian city of Maku in West Azarbaijan Province, and Mehmet Emin Bilmez, the governor of Turkey’s eastern province of Van, according to IRNA.

The agreement will also help the two sides increase their efforts to counter smuggling at the border. 

Hajizadeh said that the Iranian border guards will do everything to protect the country’s common border with Turkey.

The Turkish official said that holding such meetings will have a very positive impact on the security of the border. Both sides agreed to hold the border meetings every six months.

Iran has a 566-kilometer common border with Turkey which is one of its biggest trade partners in the region.

The Turkish city of Van is the destination of a lot of Iranian tourists every day.

Turkey has started construction of a barrier on its border with Iran to prevent smuggling, illegal immigration and militant infiltration, a move that has been welcomed by Iran.






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