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Croatia’s first chocolate museum to open in Zagreb
Croatia’s first chocolate museum to open in Zagreb
In October, the first chocolate museum in Croatia will open in the capital Zagreb.

“The Chocolate Museum of Zagreb is a theme park dedicated to chocolate, its historical, geographical and cultural meaning. We will take our visitors on an interactive trip through time and space, engaging all senses – sight, scent, touch, sound and of course taste.

The gift shop will carry assorted handmade chocolate from distinguished Croatian chocolatiers, as it aims to bring together true chocolate lovers and creators of this exquisite delicacy, reported.

The museum will open in Varšavska Street in downtown Zagreb by the end of October.

Zagreb is home to a number of interesting museums which attract tourists, such as the Museum of Broken Relationships, Museum of Illusions and Mushroom Museum, and the chocolate museum is sure to attract chocolate-loving visitors.


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