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South Pars daily gas production reaches 630 mcm
South Pars daily gas production reaches 630 mcm
Iran’s South Pars Gas Field has reached a total daily output of 630 million cubic meters (mcm), according to the managing director of Pars Oil and Gas Company.

Mohammad Meshkinfam said that the current daily consumption of natural gas in Iran is nearly equal to half of Europe’s, reported Press TV.

He said that South Pars, the world’s largest gas field, located in the Persian Gulf and shared with Qatar, is responsible for nearly 70 percent of Iran’s total gas consumption.

Meshkinfam said dozens of drilling rigs deployed at various phases of the South Pars were operating at full capacity to respond to growing demand for heat energy in Iran.

He said his company was prepared to restore production at any of those drilling rigs that might face disruptions due to technical problems that might occur during the winter months.

The government should come up with new solutions to control excessive use of gas in the country, Meshkinfam said.

The surge of output at South Pars comes after Iran started extracting more than 28 mcm per day of gas from two new platforms installed at phases 14 and 23 of the gas field.

Meshkinfam said production from another rig at Phase 24, known as Platform 24B, would start within the next two weeks.

He said a “sail-out” operation for Platform 14D, the last of four rigs planned for Phase 14 of South Pars, was now over and engineers were waiting for better weather conditions to install the rig in the Persian Gulf waters.


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