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Virtual Persian language course to be held in Pakistan
Virtual Persian language course to be held in Pakistan
The cultural center of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Khana-e-Farhang Iran) in Pakistan’s eastern city of Lahore, the country’s cultural hub, will start a virtual Persian language course by the end of this month.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, for the first time, the Iranian cultural center will hold virtual Persian language classes from June 29, according to IRNA.

According to Khana-e-Farhang Iran which is run by Islamic Culture and Relations Organization of Iran, student registration for the course will be open until June 25. The course will be conducted by experienced Persian language teachers of Pakistani universities.

Persian was the official language of the Indian subcontinent for almost a thousand years. The language was replaced with English after the British took over control of the area.

The Persian language and literature hold a very important place in Pakistan’s society, and the language is still being taught at universities and colleges.

Persian manuscripts are being kept in museums, and public and private libraries in all parts of Pakistan.

Most of the work of the great philosopher and thinker, Muhammad Iqbal Lahori, is in the Persian language. Without knowing Persian one cannot properly understand his message.


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