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Iran, Afghanistan joint cinematic production starts shooting
Iran, Afghanistan joint cinematic production starts shooting
The shooting of ‘Once Upon a Time in Iran,’ written and directed by Gholamreza Ja’fari, a joint production of Iranian and Afghan cinema, began in Iran’s capital Tehran.

Produced by Amir Zemestani and Gholamreza Jafari, the film is in the social genre and it tells the story of an Afghan family living in a villa as its caretaker, IRNA reported.

Vahid Sheikhzadeh, Amir Zemestani, Saharnaz Abbaszadeh, Hassan Maqsoudi are among the cast.

The drama, ‘Hava, Maryam, Ayesha,’ directed by Sahra Karimi, is another joint production by the two countries.

The Tehran-based Afghan filmmaker previously said that the film was the outcome of helpful Iranians.

It is about three pregnant Afghan women from different social backgrounds living in Kabul, each of whom is facing a big challenge in her life and must solve her problem by herself for the first time.



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