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British dyslexic pensioner writes entire book on his phone using one finger
British dyslexic pensioner writes entire book on his phone using one finger
A pensioner has proved that you don’t need to be the fastest with your fingers to create something you’re proud of.

Alan Pilcher, 72, struggles with typing on his phone like many older people, reported.

But the retired builder has still managed to write an entire 83,000-word debut novel on his iPhone. 

And he did it using just one finger.

Alan is also dyslexic, just to rub it in a little more if you failed to complete your National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) project this year. 

His book is a murder mystery called Arc of Doubt, which is about a body being pulled from an English creek and the mysteries and secrets that are dug up with it.

It is available on Amazon for £6.99. 

Alan, from Gosport in Hampshire, England, said when he watches his children type ‘their fingers are just a blur’ — but said that writing the novel on his phone was the ‘perfect answer’ for his dyslexia because of the autocorrect. 

He wrote the book during quiet evenings in front of the TV and when his wife Frances, 68, was out shopping. 

He said of his unorthodox one-finger writing style: “I watch my children type on their phones and their fingers are just a blur. 

“There’s no way I could do that, not at my age.

“But it actually made sense for me to type it up on my phone because of the autocorrect — it’s the perfect answer to dyslexia. My family has given me huge amounts of encouragement and they are all amazed I’ve done this.” 

He said when he was young, school teachers assumed he was just dim, he was always bottom of the class, and he was a year behind as ‘nobody knew what dyslexia was back then’. 

He added: “When it came to writing it was difficult, but as you get older it feels like less of a big deal.” 

His wife, a retired journalist, edited the book once he finished — but said she only needed to add punctuation in.

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