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Iran, Pakistan discuss expansion of media, cultural ties
Iran, Pakistan discuss expansion of media, cultural ties
In a meeting between the consul general of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Quetta, the capital of Pakistan’s Balochistan, Hassan Darvishvand, and the president of Quetta Press Club, Raza-ur-Rehman, both sides discussed ways to strengthen media and cultural ties.

Both sides emphasized the important role of the media in developing Iran-Pakistan relations and called for identifying areas for cooperation between the two countries in the cultural and media sectors, IRNA reported.

Rehman said that the opening of the gates of media and cultural cooperation between the two border provinces of Iran and Pakistan would help overcome common challenges.

The meeting was widely covered by the print and electronic media in Pakistan’s Balochistan Province, welcoming both sides’ desire to increase media and cultural cooperation.

Secretary-General of Quetta Press Club Zafar Baloch stressed the need to strengthen public relations between Iran’s Sistan and Baluchestan and Pakistan’s Balochistan provinces.

He said although there are many commonalities between Iran and Pakistan, especially the two border provinces, but increasing media interactions can help further strengthen these ties.

“In recent years, we have witnessed an exchange of delegations at the governmental level, or perhaps limited to Tehran and Islamabad,” Ali Raza Rind, a prominent Pakistani journalist based in Balochistan and a correspondent for the English-language Dawn newspaper, told IRNA.

“But this cooperation should be developed at the provincial levels as well,” he said.

He added, “The provinces of Balochistan and Sistan and Baluchestan are the real centers of development related to common borders, trade, security, so the need to facilitate the activities of the media on both sides of the border is inevitable.”

The Pakistani journalist stressed the need for the government’s support for promoting media cooperation between Iran and Pakistan.

Iran and Pakistan have long been willing to expand cooperation in all spheres; enhanced cultural and media relations have proven to be a major step in this regard.

Cooperation between Pakistan’s Balochistan and Iran’s Sistan and Baluchestan provinces has long been the priority of Iran-Pakistan trade and cultural ties.

Apart from focusing on enhanced border cooperation, the two countries that fight against miscreants, smuggling, human and drug trafficking, should also look towards cultural and media cooperation to further strengthen bilateral relations.

The media and culture cooperation, especially at the provincial level, can be very constructive in promoting common interests, that is, in strengthening relations and opening further opportunities for the two sides.

Iran and Pakistan have long remained sympathetic, religious and friendly neighbors; therefore, media cooperation of the two brotherly Muslim countries, especially the exchange of cultural delegations, would further cement ties.

In addition to the common historical and cultural features of the two countries, they face similar challenges, so the residents of two neighboring border provinces can increase cooperation in the field of media to deal with common challenges.



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