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Iran’s Parliament receives new budget bill
Iran’s Parliament receives new budget bill
The Iranian administration submitted a new bill on the next year’s national budget to the Parliament on Monday, two weeks after the lawmakers rejected the first one.

The lawmakers are going to discuss the generalities of the revised budget bill at open sessions as of today, an MP told Tasnim.

Once the generalities of the proposed budget are approved, expert committees at the Parliament will begin to scrutinize the document before a vote.

Lawmaker Alireza Nazari pointed to the changes in the revised budget bill, saying the public expenditure has risen by 13 percent compared to the previous bill.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has cautioned the lawmakers that the time and energy should not be wasted on disagreements and challenges regarding the budget bill while the country is going to reap the benefit of maximum resistance in the face of an imposed economic war.

A delay in the ratification of the budget bill would have adverse effects on the economy, Rouhani said recently, urging the MPs to handle the case immediately by staying away from tensions.

The generalities of the first proposed budget bill were rejected on February 2 with 148 votes against, 99 in favor and 12 abstentions.



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