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Persian, integral part of Afghan-Iranian identities: IRNA chief
Persian, integral part of Afghan-Iranian identities: IRNA chief
Persian is the second language of the holy religion of Islam and is also the integral part of both Afghan and Iranian identities, said the managing director of the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

Mohammad Reza Norouzpour made the remarks while hosting Abdul Latif Pedram, the leader of Afghanistan’s National Congress Party (NCP), as well as Abed Akbari, chairman of the Abrar Institute of Contemporary International Studies and Research in Tehran.

Norouzpour stressed the need for the expansion of mutual cooperation between Kabul and Tehran, especially in the fields of culture and information dissemination, which would boost development and diplomacy in both friendly countries, according to IRNA.

The IRNA chief also expressed readiness to provide Afghan students with educational and cultural courses such as inclusive programs for training news writing, filmmaking and multimedia know-how.

He added that Afghanistan and Iran are two brotherly and neighboring countries, which have numerous historical and cultural commonalities, including Norouz and the Persian language, adding that the rich Persian literature and language, as the second language of Islam, is considered part of the identity of the nations in the region, namely, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Iran.

Norouzpour emphasized the role of news agencies and newspapers of both countries in expanding bilateral relations.

Expressing concern about certain attempts against the Persian language in the West Asia region, he noted that foreigners have always tried to sow discord among tribes and nations of the region.

He further underlined that “the campaign against the Persian language is not a campaign against Iranian nationality and ethnicity,” noting that the language is one of the commonalities of the people residing in the region, and that such a campaign is in fact against the identity of several nations.

For his part, Pedram welcomed Norouzpour’s suggestion for the expansion of cultural ties, expressing hope that Afghan students could enjoy capacities of IRNA in information dissemination.

Pedram, who is known as a politician, author, poet and reporter in Afghanistan and represents Badakhshan Province in the country’s Parliament, noted that IRNA is a prominent news agency in the eyes of the Afghan people.

The leader of Afghanistan’s National Congress Party is one of the famous Afghan political figures, who opposed the US invasion of his country and also condemned the American assassination of Iranian Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad on January 3, 2020.

He appreciated Iran for holding the Norouz diplomacy meeting on Monday, aimed to promote friendship, cultural collaboration and convergence among regional nations, describing the event as an opportunity to bolster amicable ties between Iran and Afghanistan.

Pedram and his entourage took a tour of different sections of the news agency and became acquainted with the procedure of producing news items in 20 languages by the staff of IRNA.



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