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Hybrid 2021 ASEAN Cinema Week to screen 15 films starting Friday
Hybrid 2021 ASEAN Cinema Week to screen 15 films starting Friday
ASEAN Culture House, run by the Korea Foundation, will host the 2021 ASEAN Cinema Week, screening 15 films from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations member states, both in theaters and via online platforms from Friday to March 25.

This is the second year that the ASEAN Culture House, located in Busan, is holding the cinema week. The event aims to present new perspectives on Southeast Asian culture through the films.

The films selected this year reflect diverse cultures and traditions from the region, The Korean Herald reported.

“The Royal Bride,” a Vietnamese film directed by Bao Nhan and Nam Cito, is one of the 15 movies to be featured during the cinema week.

“Through this film, we would like to introduce not only the sophisticated and modern Vietnam culture, but also Hue City which has many beautiful historical sites that show the traditions of Vietnam,” Cito said in a promotional video for the 2021 ASEAN Cinema Week.

“The Royal Bride” depicts the story of TV host Quyen. One day, her longtime friend Jack proposes to her and she accepts. The couple then heads to Jack’s hometown of Hue to participate in a family party. Secretly, Quyen is hoping to find out during the visit why Jack’s mother, a famous actor, mysteriously disappeared from show business. Meanwhile, Quyen learns that Jack is the heir to one of the country’s wealthiest families.

Another film that will be introduced through the cinema week is Indonesian film “Generasi 90-an: Melankolia (In Gloom),” directed by Mohammad Irfan Ramly.

“I am excited to bring my first feature film to all of you,” Ramly said in a promotional video for the event. “I wanted to tell about how we handle happiness and sadness in our lives.”

“Generasi 90-an: Melankolia (In Gloom)” features the story of a man named Abby, who has lost his sister in an airplane crash. Sephia, a friend of Abby’s sister, notices his sadness. She is always there for him and the two become close.

Audiences can watch 10 of the 15 movies on Naver TV’s 2021 ASEAN Cinema Week channel – –for free from Friday to March 25.

Different talk programs and promotional videos of ASEAN movie directors are currently available on the channel.

All 15 movies will be screened at two theaters – at the CGV in Apgujeong-dong, Seoul on Saturday and Sunday, and the Busan Cinema Center in Busan from March 20-21.



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