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UK mom mortified as police swarm her house after neighbors spot 'dead body'
UK mom mortified as police swarm her house after neighbors spot 'dead body'
A mom in UK was left mortified after the police arrived at her door to attend to, what they believed, was a murder scene.

Cara Louise had been doing a spot of gardening when she moved a fake corpse wrapped in bin liners she'd made for a spooky Halloween party for her kids last November, reported.

But in a mad dash to pick her eldest son up from school she forgot to move it back.

When she returned to her home in Houghton Regis, England, she was greeted by 10 police officers as three people had spotted the prop and called 999.

Luckily red-faced Cara, 28, was able to explain to the police what had happened.

She said: "My five-year-old boy is really into dressing up for every occasion so we did the inside up with a circus theme and he dressed as It. So the prop in the garden was part of our theme.

"I have a tip for all parents who go all out at Halloween like myself. Dispose of props or put them away safely."

Cara — who has two boys aged five and six months —  said she was left mortified by what happened.

She said: "I arrived home from the school run to see two police cars driving away from outside my house.

"I get out of the car to my neighbor standing there in which I ask jokingly ‘What have you done?’"

"Then I was told they were all at my house as three people had called in to report a dead body."

She said she had kept the prop behind her wheelie bins since November.

Hairdresser Cara continued: "But today I moved him out to clear the garden and forgot to put him away.

"Ten minutes later another police car pulls up in which I had to explain I have not killed anyone and I will put him away in a secure place.

"All whilst my five-year-old stood telling them how much he loves Halloween and we can't get rid of the body because he loves it. It certainly made me and my neighbors laugh. Luckily the police did see the funny side, all 10 of them."

Cara joked: "I said ‘Who has legs that short?’ and the policeman said ‘You might have cut them.’

"I said ‘Oh, did you check my bins?’

"They looked a bit concerned and asked 'Should we?'

"I was asked to chop it up and get rid of it to which I said ‘No, I'll just put him in the shed with the others until next Halloween’."

Cara shared the blunder in the Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas group on Facebook, where it racked up more than 27,000 likes and 2,000 comments from viewers in hysterics.

One person joked: "Did they actually check to ensure it wasn't a body? Or was this the perfect crime?"

Another said: "Neighbors obviously thought you were capable of murder and dubbed you in. I wouldn't speak to them anymore."

Whilst a third quipped: "He's armless."

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