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Iranian filmmaker found dead in Tehran
Iranian filmmaker found dead in Tehran
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The murdered body of Iranian filmmaker Babak Khorramdin was found in Tehran, the capital of Iran, on Sunday.

Tehran Police has been investigating the murder of the 47-year-old director, whose body was found dismembered in Ekbatan neighborhood, west Tehran, ISNA reported, citing a source familiar with the case.

Khorramdin’s father has been taken into custody after confessing to his son’s murder because of a falling-out with the filmmaker.

His father confessed that he anaesthetized Babak by drugs before stabbing him to death and then dismembered his body and left it in a nearby rubbish bin.

A graduate of the College of Fine Arts, Tehran University, Khorramdin was a winner of Best Fiction Film for his short feature, ‘The Sun,’ at the ASA Humanitarian Film Festival in 2009. In the same year, he also won the Best Director award at the fifth International Festival of Parvin E’tesami for ‘The Sun’.





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