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Canadian angler pulls off an unlikely animal rescue
Canadian angler pulls off an unlikely animal rescue
A man from Fredericton, Canada, reeled in something unexpected on his latest fishing expedition.

Matt Myers was fishing for striped bass on the Miramichi River. An avid YouTuber, he often records his fishing trips using a variety of cameras mounted on his boat and in the water, reported.

At the height of bass spawning season, he said the river was roiled by bass breaking the surface of the water.

"I was watching some splashing and all of a sudden I looked to the side and I thought ‘What is that in the middle of this spawning activity?’.”

First, he thought the bass were attacking a stick, something that struck him as odd. But when he brought his kayak closer he realized it was an animal ill-suited for water.

"Lo and behold, it's this poor little red squirrel in the middle of all this spawning activity," said Myers. "The bass appeared to be coming up and nipping at it."

Myers managed to fish the struggling squirrel away from the aggressive fish with his paddle. It sat stunned on his kayak, while he made a beeline for shore.

Myers believes male bass mistook the struggle of the squirrel for the splashing of a female bass preparing to lay her eggs.

"I don't think they were trying to eat it," said Myers.

Myers transported the shaking squirrel a few hundred meters to shore and released it. And he caught the entire encounter on camera.

"I wanted to make sure I documented it," said Myers. "Because if I didn't it would just be another fish story that people wouldn't believe."

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