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Filmmaker: Iranian cinema, focus of world cineastes
Filmmaker: Iranian cinema, focus of world cineastes
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Iranian director Ahmad Bahrami said that Iranian cinema has always garnered attention by cinematographers around the world due to its great filmmakers and influential cinematic works.

He made the statements in an interview with the Iran Daily reporter while participating in the 38th Fajr International Film Festival (FIff), adding that Iran’s cinematic festivals, including FIff, are among the important festivals in the world.

“It has been years that Iranian cinema has reached world quality after the prominent cinematic works of the great filmmakers Abbas Kiarostami and Asghar Farhadi,” said Bahrami.

Speaking about his film, ‘The Wasteland,’ which is screened at FIff, Bahrami said, “The film depicts the lives and family relations of workers. Displaying workers’ lives has always been my concern, and I am glad that I could show it in this film.”

This film has been screened at several festivals in 27 countries and has won 10 accolades from various festivals. It won several awards including the FIPRESCI Award from the Independent Federation of Film Critics on the sidelines of the 77th Venice International Film Festival, a special award from the World Critics Association, the Best Picture Award at the Hong Kong International Film Festival, and the Best Film Award at the Subversive Film Festival in Croatia.

The filmmaker also expressed his happiness about screening ‘The Wasteland’ in Iranian cinemas because, he said, he made the film primarily for Iranian audiences.

Referring to the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the festival and filmmaking, Bahrami said that despite the restrictions caused by the virus, FIff and other film festivals in Iran have a desirable quality.

He continued, “Each festival has its own rules and regulations, and due to cultural considerations, a number of films could not be screened in certain festivals. However, we have tried to bring a number of successful films from around the world.”

Bahrami suggested that like other major festivals in the world, the Fajr International Film Festival must make attempts to display the world’s great films for the first time in this festival.”

The 2021 FIff is held from May 26 to June 2 in Tehran. The festival is widely considered one of the most prestigious and influential in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.



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