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No late fee for overdue book returned to Irish library after 64 years
No late fee for overdue book returned to Irish library after 64 years
A library book borrowed from the Monaghan Town Library in Ireland, 64 years ago, has been returned.

The copy of The Hedge And The Horse was checked out on January 11, 1957 and was returned in recent days, reported.

The borrower at the time faced a fine of one penny for every three days the book was overdue but Executive Librarian Kay Cassidy said they have escaped the penalty.

Cassidy told Northernsound Radio that there are some interesting similarities between Monaghan in 1957 and 2021, especially guideline four of the book borrowing rules.

The rules for borrowing books, issued by Monaghan Co. Council, are:


- This book may be kept two weeks. It may be renewed if not required by another borrower.

- A late fine of one penny will be charged for every three days it is kept beyond the specified time.

- All injuries to books, beyond reasonable wear and tear, and all losses must be made good to the satisfaction of the Local Librarian. (Marking a book even with a lead pencil or turning down the corners of pages will be considered an injury.

- Borrowers must report to the Local Librarian all cases of infectious disease occurring in their houses while library books are in their possession.


Luckily for the borrower fines for late returns were abolished in 2019 or they could have faced a bill of over €1,700.

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