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Unique nature of Ardebil Province attracts tourists in warm season
Unique nature of Ardebil Province attracts tourists in warm season
As most of the West Asia region and especially vast parts of Iran are suffering from hot summer weather, Ardebil Province’s cool weather provides tourists with a unique nature in northwest of the country.

Nowadays, unprecedented warm weather spreads not only tropical regions in vicinity of the Earth’s equator but also northern hemisphere, which have usually had moderate temperatures, IRNA reported.

In Iran, residents of Zanjan, East Azarbaijan and West Azarbaijan provinces witnessed moderate weather in summers, but the new wave of hot weather prompted people of these regions to resort to different methods to get rid of the harmful atmosphere.

A short look at temperatures of different areas in Iran shows that Khuzestan Province with 53℃ degrees and Urmia city in West Azarbaijan Province with 32℃ are the warmest and coldest places in Iran.

Ardebil Province has a different climate condition, which does not follow the usual temperature and rain pattern, which is dominant in other areas. In this summer, Ardebil has experienced an unprecedented situation and the maximum temperature has reached by 38 ℃, but it has returned to its normal temperature since Thursday.

A high-pressure system from north has spread throughout the province and the temperature has significantly declined; so, the Wednesday temperature of 42℃ in Parsabad and Bileh Savar cities decreased to 28 ℃ on Thursday.

The moderate temperature of Ardabil province as well as natural and historical attractions of the province attract numerous tourists especially in warm seasons.

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