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Israel strikes Gaza after Palestinian protest
Israel strikes Gaza after Palestinian protest
Hamas vows fight for deprived rights

Israel attacked two sites in Gaza on Sunday after Palestinians clashed with troops in the enclave’s buffer zone and launched incendiary balloons into southern occupied territories.

Israeli "fighter jets struck a Hamas military compound used for manufacturing weapons and training as well as an entrance to a terror tunnel adjacent to Jabalia," the Israeli military said, adding that the strikes were in response to launching fire balloons and protests that took place Saturday.

There were no reports from the Gaza Strip of any casualties caused by the Israeli strikes, AFP reported.

On Saturday evening, two wildfires broke out in the Eshkol region near the Palestinian enclave, Israeli firefighters said.

Protests erupted later in the day, with the Israeli military firing tear gas and stun grenades as Palestinians burned tires in the buffer zone.

The Health Ministry in Gaza said 11 Palestinians had been hurt in the clashes, three of them by live fire.

Hours earlier, Gazans laid to rest Omar Hassan Abu al-Nile, 12, who died of his wounds a week after being shot by Israeli forces during clashes.

Speaking in Washington, where he had met with US President Joe Biden, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said he held Hamas, that runs Gaza, responsible for any unrest from the Palestinian enclave.

Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum held Israel fully responsible for the consequences of its ongoing blockade against the Gaza Strip, and deterioration of the humanitarian crisis in the enclave.

Barhoum said in a statement that Israel’s aggressive policies against Gaza are creating an atmosphere of escalating tensions and eventual confrontation, Press TV wrote.

He lauded the steadfastness and resilience of the Palestinian nation in the face of the Israeli occupation, siege and settlements in the occupied West Bank as well as the Gaza Strip.

The Hamas spokesman stressed that Palestinians will never accept the policies of the occupying Israeli regime and its violation of their national rights, and will continue to fight for their deprived rights.

He called on all parties to fulfill their responsibilities and pressure Israel to end its oppressive and unjust siege of the Gaza Strip.

Barhoum stressed that no calm or stability will be achieved as long as Palestinians do not have a free and dignified life.

The Gaza Strip has been under an Israeli blockade since 2007 when Hamas took control of the coastal enclave. 

The siege has inflicted severe hardship on residents. The poverty rate among Gaza’s population has reached 53%, while “extreme poverty” stands at 33.8%, according to statistics by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS).

About 68% of families do not have enough to eat, while 80% of Gazans are dependent on aid.

The area’s unemployment rate stands at 45.1%, according to PCBS.

On Sunday, Egypt reopened the Rafah crossing with the Gaza Strip to allow Palestinians to exit, after having partially reopened on Thursday for travel into Gaza.

Rafah, Gaza's only gateway to the outside world not controlled by Israel, was shuttered earlier this month by Egypt.

Egypt gave no reason for the move, but Palestinian sources in Gaza said it was over the rise in violence with Israel.



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