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Iranian Nat’l Commission for UNESCO to hold calligraphy exhibition
Iranian Nat’l Commission for UNESCO to hold calligraphy exhibition
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A virtual exhibition titled, ‘Negarinehkhat’ (calligraphy painting) by the great Iranian artist Abbas Rahimi will open on Sept. 19.

The exhibition will be held on the virtual gallery of the Iranian National Commission for UNESCO.

The opening ceremony will also include lectures by the director of the commission, Hojjatollah Ayyubi, and prominent artist Mohammad-Baqer Rahimi.

According to, Rahimi is the founder of Negarinehkhat style, which unites Iranian calligraphy and miniature.

He has previously said that this style attempts to establish an emotional and harmonious connection between Iranian calligraphy and miniature simultaneously; by combining these two significant forms of art, Iranian poetry can be represented in the infinite realm of culture and art.

He emphasized, “Negarinehkhat focuses on preserving the novelty of calligraphy; while inspired by Iranian painting, it seeks to create a visual connection with the aesthetic sense of human beings regardless of nationality, race, age, language and religion. The connection that is established at first glance by the harmony of colors and beauty of the composition (relationship of elements or creating order and unity between them) leads the audience to another realm such as calligraphy and painting.”



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