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Minister: Sacred Defense clear manifestation of Iran’s glories
Minister: Sacred Defense clear manifestation of Iran’s glories
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The glorious history of Irans 1979 Islamic Revolution is brimming with numerous achievements and glories, the clear manifestation of which is the eight-year Sacred Defense (1980-88) against the Iraq-imposed war, said the interior minister. 

Ahmad Vahidi made the remarks in a message on the occasion of the beginning of the Sacred Defense Week (September 22-27), IRNA reported.

He added the Islamic Revolution came to fruition thanks to Gods providence and grace as well as the endeavors and steadfastness of the cognizant and independence- and freedom-seeking people of Iran.

The minister, however, stressed that the Sacred Defense was not solely the scene of the fight and armed battle against the united global arrogance front, but the stage where the great Iranian peoples resistance, love, faith and spirituality and victory of the right against wrong were manifested.

The Sacred Defense culture proved that through firm will, determination, faith in the unbreakable divine promises and trust in the brave leaderships prudence and wisdom, it is possible to overcome, with almost bare hands, the armed-to-the-teeth enemy in critical junctures and belittle the devilish hegemonic system through the enthusiasm and spirituality of the freedom-seeking and resilient youths.

He noted that the sole way to encounter enemiesinvasions and pressures in different fields, including through the imposition of the cruel and illegal sanctions, is resistance and reliance on the considerable and diverse domestic capacities and potentials.

In May 2018, the US, under former president Donald Trump, pulled out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), signed between Tehran and the P5+1 in July 2015, and reimposed Washingtons unilateral sanctions on Iran in a bid to cripple the countrys economy and bring the Islamic Republic to the negotiating table to hammer out a new nuclear deal.

Mainly targeting Irans oil and banking sectors, the sanctions failed to produce the desired result thanks to the Iraniansresistance.


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