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U.S. Rep. calls Israel an ‘apartheid’ regime after voting against missile funding
U.S. Rep. calls Israel an ‘apartheid’ regime after voting against missile funding
U.S. Rep. Cori Bush said that the United States shouldn’t be funding an “apartheid” regime’s military after voting against $1b for Israel’s Iron Dome system.

In a message posted on her Twitter account, Bush said Palestinians deserve freedom from militarized violence too. She said that the U.S. shouldnt be sending an additional $1b to an apartheid regimes military. Especially not when the U.S. is failing to adequately invest in the health care, housing, education, and other social services our communities need, reported.

Israeli leaders strongly oppose use of the word apartheid” when referring to the regime.

The Israeli human rights group BTselem early this year began referring to Israel and its control of the territories as a single apartheid” regime.

Bushs tweet followed a vote in the U.S. House on Thursday to approve the bill to support the Iron Dome missile system in Israel. Bush was one of nine House members to vote against the funding.

Israel requested the additional amount after its bombardment in Gaza in May, which killed over 250 Palestinians, including over 60 children, according to

The U.S. House of Representatives approved the funding after days of controversy around the push.

The move came amid an intensifying debate about U.S. support for Israel and a growing number of progressive voices in Congress are calling on Biden to condition U.S. assistance to Israel on its human rights record.

Israel receives $3.8b in U.S. military assistance annually, codified through a 10-year memorandum of understanding signed by former president Barack Obama in 2016. Of that, 500 million goes to missile systems annually.




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