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Iraqi president calls for respecting election results amid protests
Iraqi president calls for respecting election results amid protests
Iraqi President Barham Salih on Monday called on all political parties to respect the results of the country’s parliamentary elections.

"Iraq is going through a delicate circumstance and faces grave challenges and major national entitlements,” Salih said in a statement, Anadolu Agency reported.  

He called for unity and the prioritization of “the language of dialogue” and the interests of the country as well as meeting the “aspirations of Iraqis for a free and dignified life".

Salih’s remarks came a day after thousands of demonstrators rallied nationwide to denounce the electoral commission results of last week’s poll.

On Sunday, people marched along the streets in the eastern suburb of Hussainiyah in the capital Baghdad and condemned the results of the parliamentary election as “fraudulent”, according to Press TV.  

A similar protest was also held in Aden Square in the center of Baghdad.

Elsewhere in the southeastern city of Basra, protesters burned tires to block key roads.

People also rallied in different parts of the southern province of Dhi Qar and in the northern city of Mosul against the results of the parliamentary election.

Separately, the Iraqi Resistance Coordination Committee called for peaceful demonstrations in protest at the results.

The committee said in a statement that “outsiders blatantly manipulated poll results, and the government’s inaction in this regard prompted the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) not to undertake its mission and give in to foreign pressure.”

The leader of Iraq’s Fatah Alliance has also dismissed the result of Iraq’s recent parliamentary elections as fabricated.

The polls saw 3,249 candidates representing 21 coalitions and 109 parties vying for seats in the 329-member parliament, with a 43% voter turnout, according to Anadolu Agency.

Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr's party won 73 seats, the highest, followed by Taqaddum bloc of Parliament Speaker Mohamed Halbousi with 37 and the State of Law Coalition led by former prime minister Nouri al-Maliki with 34 seats.

The Kurdistan Democratic Party also won 32 seats, the Azem Alliance of Iraqi millionaire Khamis Khanjar won 12 seats, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan got 16 seats, the Al-Fatah Coalition won 17 seats, the Imtidad Movement and the New Generation Movement got 9 seats each, while independents won 40 seats.





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