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Iran hosts art workshop on Palestine
Iran hosts art workshop on Palestine
Iran hosted an international graphic design event themed Palestine. The workshop aimed to raise awareness on the Israeli occupation of Palestine using the universal language of art.

Artists from Iran, Palestine, Lebanon and other Muslim countries sent their artworks to the Iran-based event to use the medium of art and shed light on different dimensions of the Israeli occupation, Press TV wrote.

The event comes as Israel has been demolishing Palestinian graves in Al-Yusefiya cemetery near the walls of the Old City of Al-Quds in the past days to turn the Palestinian site into a park for settlers.

The move has provoked Palestinians, including a mother who clung to her son’s tomb to prevent the Israeli municipality from bulldozing the grave; a heart-wrenching scene that has touched the hearts of many people around the world.

For more than seven decades, Israel has been pressing ahead with the construction of illegal settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories and continues to deny millions of Palestinian refugees the right to return.

Several attempts have been so far made to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but none effective.

Graphic designers in this event believed art is stronger than words. Perhaps it cannot solve the problem, but it is a universal language that can narrate the pain and hardship of Palestinians under decades of Israeli occupation. 


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