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Iran FM adviser: Only Yemeni people entitled to determine their fate
Iran FM adviser: Only Yemeni people entitled to determine their fate
A senior adviser to Iran’s foreign minister said the people of Yemen are the only party entitled to make the final decision on the country’s fate, noting that the brutal blockade of the country should be lifted as soon as possible.

Ali Asghar Khaji made the remarks in a Monday meeting with the UN special envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, during which the two sides discussed various aspects of the ongoing crisis in the impoverished Arab country, Press TV reported.

“The people of Yemen are the sole party making a final decision on the fate of their country,” Khaji said, stressing that lifting the brutal Saudi-led economic blockade of the country would be a prelude to finding a political solution to the country’s crisis.

Pointing to the UN role in settling the Yemeni crisis, he expressed Iran's support for any fair attempt by the world body in this regard.

The Iranian diplomat added that the current lack of trust between the warring parties has hindered progress in peace negotiations.

He emphasized that practical measures, particularly in humanitarian affairs, must be taken to restore trust.

The UN envoy, for his part, said Yemen’s fate should only be determined by its own people and added that regional countries, particularly Iran, play a very important role in promoting the peace process in the war-hit country.

Saudi Arabia, backed by the US and regional allies, launched the war on Yemen in March 2015, with the goal of bringing the government of former president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi back to power and crushing the popular Ansarullah movement, which had overthrown the previous Yemeni government in a revolution. The Saudi war has left hundreds of thousands of Yemenis dead, and displaced millions more. It has also destroyed Yemen’s infrastructure and spread famine and infectious diseases.

In the meantime, the Yemeni Armed Forces and the Popular Committees have grown steadily in strength against the Saudi-led invaders and left Riyadh and its allies bogged down in the country.



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