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Iran reports 158 daily COVID-19 deaths
Iran reports 158 daily COVID-19 deaths
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Iran’s Ministry of Health said in a statement that the country’s daily COVID-19 deaths and infections reached 158 and 9,862 respectively, from Wednesday to Thursday.

The statement added the total COVID-19 death toll and infections since the beginning of the outbreak in the country in late February 2020 stand at 126,921 and 5,964,824 respectively.

It added that 4,346 COVID-19 patients are in critical condition, and of the newly-detected cases, 1,251 individuals have been hospitalized.

The ministry said 5,560,951 COVID-19 patients have so far either recovered from the disease or have been discharged from hospitals.

The statement added 35,946,879 coronavirus diagnostic tests have so far been carried out in the country.

The Health Ministry also said 29 cities are coded red (very high-risk), while 112 are in the orange zone (high-risk).

The number of the country’s yellow (medium-risk) and blue (low-risk) cities are 221 and 86, respectively, read the statement.

Until a few weeks ago, Iran was grappling with a fifth wave of COVID-19 infections, seeing record high daily deaths and cases of over 700 and 40,000, respectively. The wave has, however, subsided on the back of the increased pace of the country’s public vaccination process.

Authorities are constantly warning against the possibility of a sixth wave sweeping the country if the health protocols are not observed.


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